Pocket ATM

ATM machines are not very accessible to people with visual impairments. though Reserve Bank of India Guidelines specify that at least 33% of the ATMs are to be fully accessible, this is far from reality. On requesting the banks for this info via the Right To Information (RTI) act, we noticed that this information is either not available with the banks or the number is far less than what is required. This motivated us to further investigate this and a survey in central bangalore, Hyderabad and Warangal shows that only 17% of the ATM machines are accessible. Moreover, on investigating the current interactions with the accessible ATM system further, we saw a scope for improvement. PocketATM, our proposed sollution to make ATM cash withdrawals more accessible offloads most of the interaction performed on the machine to the user’s phone. CloudATM’s proposed design makes this possible using India’s existing finantial infrastructure, UPI.


Sudheesh Singanamalla, Dr. Colin Scott and Dr. Indrani Medhi thies